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What Happens When Your EV Runs Out Of Battery?

If you have never owned an Electric Vehicle before then you may have some reservations, particularly when it comes to charging and range. Range anxiety is the top reason for people not wanting to switch.

The most common fear is running out of power while driving or having to stop and wait long periods for charging.

It's important to remember that electric cars are different than petrol or diesel cars. For one, you don't need to stop and fill up every few hundred miles like with petrol-powered cars, but it's still good practice to charge your car regularly even if you don't completely deplete it every time. And once you become comfortable owning an EV, range anxiety largely goes away on its own.

The following guidelines will help you get the most out of your electric car:

Electric cars are scheduled to be charged often throughout the day, like once every few hours depending on how much you use it. Most EV owners find that they rarely need to fully deplete their battery before charging it because there isn't enough time in one day for them to drain it completely. Only long road trips with an empty battery would be able to deplete your charge before you can recharge. Most EVs recommend charging their batteries when it's down to 20% capacity, especially if you've been using a lot of power. At this point, your car is telling you that its range has dropped below about 60 miles and needs some juice from the nearest charging station.

What Happens When EV Batteries Are running Low?

Your car will give you plenty of warnings letting you know you need to get to the nearest charging point. If you are stuck on a motorway, unlike a petrol car, EV's won’t just suddenly stop working, they will conserve as much power as possible until you have reached a safe location before it shuts down completely. EV's are very good at giving you an accurate estimation of how far you can get with the power you have.

You should never experience problems with running out of power going about your daily business, however, if you’re planning a long trip then preparation can help prevent batteries completely draining, just like you would in a petrol-powered car, plan regular stops where you can charge up your vehicle taking away any anxieties of running low on power.

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