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Installing EV Charging Points At Home

Easily Charging Your EV At Home

On of the main benefits of having an electrical vehicle home charging point installed is how much easier it makes life with an EV in ways that you may not have even considered.

The first change is the potential to have a smart charger, smart chargers are great at doing everything they can to make charging your car easier. From turning the charger on at times in which it is most efficient to charge, to providing you with all the usage data you need. This is really a game changer in the EV world!

Some features include:

· Multiple app usage

· Use with different charger styles

· Data always available

· Timing for greatest power efficiency

· Ensuring both your home and the grid are not overloading with multiple charging strains

All of these features and more allow you to be in complete control and charge your EV at home with ease.

Mind Over Matter

Smart chargers provide you with the features and technology to make life easier, and electric charging itself makes life much simpler as it frees up so much time when it comes to re-fuelling.

With an electric car your car is constantly being refuelled with one small charge at a time, whether it is at home, work, shopping or a public car pack. Little and often charges are how you successfully own an EV and keep it well charged.

When charging your EV at home you have two charging types to choose from:

Level One Charging

You can use a plug that is usually supplied with the vehicle and plug it straight into the mains via a standard 3 pin plug. This is handy as you don’t need to do anything for it to work or any additional equipment just plug it in and your all set charging!

However, there is a downside, this method of charging is inefficient and takes a long time to charge your vehicle.

Level Two Charging

This is when you have a dedicated charging point at your home. Doing this will allow you to charge your vehicle in just a couple of hours as well as it being much safer and more efficient. You will need to have a dedicated charging point installed by a professional however the long-term benefits make it worth it in the long run.

There is a cost involved in this installation process however there is a government grant in place which are funding up to £350 meaning the cost you will be left with is minimal. The only requirement that needs to be met to get a dedicated charging point at your property is to have your own dedicated parking.

If you would like more information on EV charging points or would like to have a free no obligation quotation to have an EV charging point installed at your property, then contact Craven EV Ltd today - 01756 691 741

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