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How Do Electric Cars Work?

We've all heard the buzz about how electric cars are changing transportation. But what is it really like? Read on to find out more! The first step in understanding an electric vehicle (EV) should be looking at its guts, or as we say "Under The Hood". If you're curious about where electricity comes from and goes when you see one being driven around.

Lets Get Technical

The combustion engine is one of the most powerful and efficient machines in existence, but it's not for amateurs.

It may seem complicated at first glance with all its cogs, gears pipes mechanisms - you might think that there aren't many people who can understand how these work together; however engines have been created specifically by designers so they're easy enough once broken down into their individual pieces! Electric vehicles eat up fewer parts, but they still have a lot of components. The most important being the battery which is found at lower part on electric cars to help with centre-of gravity and power for standard electrical equipment in your car like lights or radio.

The battery in an electric vehicle powers the wheels and can be either a four-wheel or two-wheel drive. The Main Battery of any kind will power your Motor which turns into Drivetrain depending on what type you have!

How Do You Charge EV’s?

Charging an electric car is easier than you would think. All it takes to charge your vehicle at home or on the go, are two simple steps: plugging in and waiting for a few minutes while lithium-ion batteries fill up with electricity before driving off again!

With smart technology, your vehicle can be charged in a couple of hours. This works incredibly well overnight at home or when you’re visiting a coffee shop and restaurants as the vast majority will complete their charge within 20-30 minutes!

How Long Does The Charge Last?

Electric vehicles have a range of up to 300 miles but with the newest technology in batteries, it now ranges around 600. The Tesla RANGE model has been known for its ability to travel up-to 600+ miles on one charge!

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