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Electric Vehicle Charging

Charging electric vehicles (EV’s) is a lot easier than most people think. It is completely different to the refuelling process that most of us are used to after using it for so many years so there are bound to be some questions raised. This is why our team have put together this guide to help those that may not understand the charging process of an EV and answer a few common questions involved around the charging process to hopefully easy some concerns that some of you may have and demonstrate just how easy it actually is!

Can You Charge an EV From A Normal Plug?

Yes, it is possible to charge an EV from a normal household socket. It is recommended that you always use a dedicated charging point however if you are stuck then you can plug your car into a regular plug and use an adaptor that should have been supplied by the manufacturer. Your car will charge this way however the time it takes to charge is greater, and the efficiency of the charge is less.

What Is Required For Charging Electric Vehicles?

The equipment you need to charge an EV often varies between car to car however there are 3 core elements:

· Dedicated fuse board.

· Dedicated Charging Element.

· Your Smart Phone and APP.

The charging point will be installed at a suitable location at your property, one that best suits the place you park your vehicle, this could be the garage, the outside of your property or even your workplace. The key is to have off-street parking. A safer way to run the power to your charging point would be a dedicated fuse board, this can change depending on your current electrics set up however, you will be advised on this before the installation process.

Your mobile phone and dedicated app is what is going to allow you to control your charging, you can set up timers to charge your EV to suit your electricity plan, and choose when to start and stop your car charging. You will be able to track how much energy has been used as well as many other configurations. When your car is fully charged your charger will automatically stop so you will never unnecessary use power. The main advantage to controlling the charging of your car from an app is that you can do it from anywhere so you can do it form the comfort of your sofa or bed.

Should An EV Be Charged To 100%

It is not always beneficial to charge your EV to 100%, it much depends on your need. If you are planning a long journey then this would be beneficial, however just for day to day tasks and the everyday running of your EV smaller chargers will suffice. The reason this is beneficial to know it that the first 20-80% of the charge will be much faster than the last 20% so save time and power by making smaller charges and only use a 100% charge for long journeys.

Here at Craven EV Ltd we are always happy to help individuals and businesses around Skipton and North Yorkshire when it comes to electrical vehicle charging. To find out more contact our team on - 01756 691 741

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